The Goblin King - Shona Husk You know... at some point, you just get kinda tired at all the shifters and vampires. What an interesting idea. So we combine The Labyrinth with Beauty and the Beast (hope none of the readers have ever gotten near Celebrian...) and... Well, I kept looking at the cover to keep the mental image of David Bowie from sticking.

So the h has spent her life trying to be what she thought everyone wanted her to be, only to be played by a crook. She calls upon Ja-uh-Roan (Roan? Our H is named after a horse color?!), who whisks her off and... they spend half the book dancing around the fact that she wants to but she doesn't. Then they spend the second half of the book with him trying to figure out how to convince her to give up and her refusing because she's sure there's a way to break the curse. Well, yeah. There is a way. We know this because it's a romance novel and because a HEA is a requirement for that genre, then SOMEthing has to break the curse. Off to the next book.