Lady of Fire - Janeen O'Kerry So let's see... we have a woman who has been dating? Living with? A "man" for 6 years. He breaks up with her the day before her birthday. Right. (loser). Heroine stumbles across non-existent yard sale and buys a bauble. Shows it to H who realizes suddenly that she has yet to make trip. Ooops. Heroine puts bauble on later that evening and :poof: wakes up in prehistoric Ireland. Her appearance saves H from being skewered by band of outlaws. He thinks she's a goddess. Stop right there. At this point, this story was set up to be vastly entertaining and well, good. What happened?

Heroine balks at being called a goddess, feels uncomfortable with being waited on, yet at feast that night entertains thoughts that she deserved this after day she's had (entitlement much?) As days turn into months, she's seen occasionally trying to convince him that she is NOT a goddess, but she's just telling him that; not really offering an alternative that he'd believe considering he's seen her nearly disappear a couple of times when she removes or has the bauble knocked off. In addition, this dumb chick makes no effort to understand that pre-middle ages Europe in general was a group of tribes who fought each other as a way of life. She keeps the H from taking a band of warriors after the outlaws because she doesn't wish bloodshed. She tries to stop a battle of honor after he refuses another leader's daughter as wife (she's refused him several times on the basis of his refusal to accept her as a woman). This one almost bites her in the arse immediately because the champion for the other tribe grabs her and starts feeling her up. And the outlaws she wouldn't let him hunt down? They attack them on their wedding night. Tha's ok - she removes the bauble and tosses it to him. She goes back to her own time, and he follows by donning bauble himself.

So...h = TSTL H...I'm still trying to decide. I initially thought him dumber than a box of hammers but after thinking about it, I just think the h never gave him a suggestion that he could accept. Oddly enough, the rest of the tribe? Clan? accepted that she was a woman sent by the goddess rather than the goddess herself.

Continuity issues - h goes back in time and knows language immediately. H comes forward in time and has to learn it. h has to wear bauble to remain in H's time, H does not to remain in h's time.