Stealing Coal - Laurann Dohner Ok, as much as I wanted to *really like* this one, the h drove me nuts. Ok, let me get this straight; she let daddy set her up with one jackass, she knew her dad had a nasty reputation, and she knew that females were not safe in the galaxy. So ok, she does trading in dad's name - and no-one is suspicious that they never see dad (what the heck no 1). dad was a v. well known trader both for his nasty reputation and for screwing people over. She's already had several run-ins with former associates, yet she goes onto ship with one "because he was a friend of her dad's" (what the heck number 2), It never occurs to her that dear old dad might have a bank account to keep his money (whaa..? no 3).

So after she rescues our H, and eventually gives in and frees him, gets boinked by him - to prove to her that sex isn't all bad - gets found by his buddies, volunteers to assist them in retrieving the asshole known as Zorus, and agrees to enter into a family unit with our H, she then goes onto the ship with guy "because he was friends with her dad". D'oh. She rolled her eyes at one statement he made with regards his friendship, yet after all the run-ins with former associates of dear old dad, it never occurred to her to be suspicious? Of course not; had to set the stage for her 'droids to knock out the H's fellow cyborgs so he could mount a rescue attempt. Voila - HEA.

H - a bit literal at times but basically a nice guy.
h - TSTL. How has she survived without a keeper?

Interesting character - Sky. When do we get the smartass's story? And oh I hope the h is both mouthy and worthy of him