Sentinels: Jaguar Night - Doranna Durgin I was pleasantly surprised by this series. My thought was eh, it's a numbered romance that just happens to feature shifters. How much excitement could it possibly contain (outside the usual TSTL h and overbearing jackass H). A lot in fact. The h...has issues with the shifters. Her mother was a shifter and... her help never arrived, she was badly injured, and died. The shifters didn't figure the kid worth fooling with since she couldn't shift. Ooops. The H's brother was the help that died en route to assist her mother. He has his own issues because the bureaucracy in the shifter world never sent backup or help to his brother.

Tha's the setup. There are other things, like the fact that initiation involves a blood exchange. H didn't think about that and h was perturbed (initiation unlocks any latent non-shifter powers). Of course, H didn't do it intentionally - he was dying at the time. Oddly enough, he never really explained to her what happened - just apologized because he didn't think about it. Yeah - I kept expecting him to actually explain what happened, but he never did.

Anyway... the biggest gripe I had was the same one the H had - his backup showed up at the last minute, so I can't really hold a grudge, unless of course the H still is. :D