Sentinels: Lion Heart - Doranna Durgin First off... the sheer awesomeness of the author having a cat shifter resist the urge to play "toss the squeaky" with a mouse. That the shifter in question is female is even better. Very few authors have their shifters "play". They go for the aggressive nature of predators, they make them all alphas (nothing wrong with that, mind you, but there's room for others too), and they rarely let them "let down their hair". So a cat shifter who acknowledges that she really wants to toss a mouse about like your favorite house cat is great.

:ahem... the H is viewed with suspicion by the Sentinels. Why? Because he and his late partner had a business that was bigger than the sentinels knew and a job went south on his partner, got him killed. They assssyoumeeeed that he'd went dirty and sold out the partner. But they couldn't prove it. So they put him in what was essentially a placeholder job. And left him there, assuming nothing bad would ever happen unless he did it. Uh... yeah.

Our story opens with the h determined to find proof the egg is bad. And along the way, she starts to grasp that he wouldn't have done that to his partner - he needed him too much, for one, and for another... He's just not that sort of person. She has a lot of difficulty wresting with this, in spite of the growing evidence. Eventually, a team shows up, and things go south really quickly. They manage to solve the riddle, he forgives - sort of - the desk jockey for tranquilizing him at a really bad time (which nearly killed him), scaring his cats, and shooing them out of his house. Whether he forgives her for inadvertently causing his neighbor's death (that tranquilizing jobbie was a *really* bad time), is up for debate.

Anyway... will continue this series.