Wolf Hunt (Sentinels, #3) - Doranna Durgin Interesting heroine - bad guys captured a real wolf and figured out how to force it to take human appearance. She was supposed to be their secret weapon - not reasoning enough to figure out that she was being used - and was supposed to bring in the H. It rather backfired. She saw the H as her mate.

Actually, there was no rather to it. Since she saw him as her mate, and she was more intelligent than they gave her credit, she figured out what was going on. See - the problem is, she never recognized the leader of the bad guys as alpha. Ooops. Soooo... this particular shifter was even more animal than usual, because she WAS a wolf. The H figured out pretty quickly what she was, and it never occurred to her to hide the how. Needless to say, he was v. ticked off at the bad guys for doing that to her.