Master of Darkness - Angela Knight I read the acknowledgement page with mixed feelings. This is the last book of the long-running Mageverse series. On the one hand, I'm sorry to see it go. Unlike many series, the books have been relatively consistent. On the other hand, the basic premise of the series is that there's always some big bad that must needs be fought, and it always takes several books to bring that arc to a climax. The last story arc ended with a less than satisfactory book - the characters spent most of it powering up a goddess trapped in a sword. How? By having sex of course. Lots of sex. This arc snuck in, with the bad guy becoming increasingly more obvious, then a huge battle at the end. And in the meantime, I found the story arc distracting at times. Yeah; it got in the way of the individual stories.

So ok, having read that part, and knowing who the H/h were, I went into the book with the hope that there was actually a plot (well, besides the plot to kill the bad guy of course). How did it do? Well, there was the ongoing bad guy trying to kill the h thing, there was the new creative monster thing, there was... Ok, so the H was destined to wield the One Axe To Kill The Bad Guy, and when he took up said axe, found himself with more power than he knew what to do with. The h, in the meantime, took up a dagger that was destined to help her fight off the bad guy's fear spell, among other things. They had sex (of course), but the fear spell made it more... well, let's just say there was effort made. At least a good deal of the book was spent doing things, like fighting bad guys, finding swords, seeing just how screwed up the bad guy was, etc. And the final battle was complex. Yeah; there was a certain Mary Sue/Gary Stuish quality with the H/h. OTOH, it was made pretty clear near the beginning of the book that this couple were the only ones who could bring him down, so you were warned. At the very least though, the author has given this series a worthy sendoff.