No Place to Run - Maya Banks This one lacked the squick factors found in the first one. Still am not sure about the heroines essentially being strays in search of a family - that leaning onto MIL will come back to haunt you one of these days, no matter how nice and loving she seems.

Note to heroine - if you're gonna kill someone, make sure they're actually dead. Since you took the time to pilfer the apparent body for a key, it would have taken all of about what - 5 seconds to put a bullet between the eyes to be sure. It's kinda like I read in a western once - shooting a bad guy and not killing them is just asking for a knife or bullet in the back.

So H got distracted by waitress who was actually daughter of bad guy he was attempting to bring down. Daughter, who hated dear old dad's guts, had information sent to H, then, while he was doing a bust, went to see dad and shot him. Only, well, see above. Then she bugs out, only to resurface 5 months later, preggers.

So he wants her (and baby), but upon finding out exactly WHO she IS, doesn't trust her. Understandable. And she doesn't tell him immediately that she killed her dad (as far as she knows). In the meantime, they can't keep their hands off each other.

Eventually, there's a big, dramatic face-off where she discovers she missed (how could she miss; he was 3 feet in front of her), H suspects she lied due to this, and other things. Ironically, her uncle does what she should have when she had the opportunity. Of course, he's nuts so...