Whispers in the Dark (KGI, #4) - Maya Banks wow. It's like a cross between a Breeds and Jamie. At least there was not a drug-running, human trafficking, arms dealing bastage in sight. The h being the result of a scientific experiment though was entirely too much like a combination of the aforementioned series and book. OTOH, it was an interesting way to rescue a H, and that was one heck of a twist with Resnick.

Some things that irritated me - his family expecting him to just snap out of it (especially his twin). Then, after we're treated to his PTSD for the several weeks/months prior to his sudden taking off to rescue the h, he's all better?! What the hell?! You don't just get over something like that overnight! Same thing with her - she's retreated into a shell where she exists, then his SILs confront her and talk about their issues and suddenly she's all better now too.

That... cost it a half star.