Wilder - Christina Dodd Questions, questions, questions without answers. I assume this is the end of the spinoff series, but there were some things where the explanation was...shall we say...inadequate?

So Alexandre (probably mangled the odd spelling on that) took off on the promise of a hot chick and the fact that, as the only apparent normal in the group, he felt inadequate. Oh and maybe there was the hint of a regret that his family were no longer shifters...sortof.

3 years later, the last single (as in non-married) member of the Chosen (because Alexandre disappeared) runs into a human-sized and shaped varmint.

Yeah; strong shades of Beauty and the Beast here.

The story was...good. It was. He had difficulty in the beginning of the relationship believing that she WASN'T just wanting to try a bit of beastiality with him. Can understand that. She was determined though.

Now...my questions are... what are the guardian chambers really? And errr... after all this time of getting the feeling that there was an underlying Christian based Good vs. Evil in the series, why the sudden earth mother vibes? It just seemed... a bit...awkward I guess.

I would also add that the last chapter or three left me terribly confused. It was kindof an expanded epilogue of sorts and... while I remember some of these people, there were a few incidences that had me raising eyebrows. Like, I wasn't aware of Caleb's relationship to the Wilders...unless there was more than one Caleb. And if there were, then the author got confused on them too because it almost seemed like they were one and the same, yet... I dunno.