Bad Boys Do - Victoria Dahl Ok, first attempt was killed by ISP dropping me while I was typing it out. So here goes.

Really a 3.5. Isn't it odd that the best of the series is about the one with a reputation for being irresponsible?

So his sister wasn't trying to cover for every perceived mistake he made. His brother was still treating him like...well, a kid. Considering the H is almost 30... yeah; I can see how that could get old. What I really had difficulty understanding was why did it take so darned long for him to decide he'd had enough and leave. Frankly, I'd have sold my 3rd of the company and moved long before.

Still don't care for sister. Her badgering him and his brother to kiss and make up got on my nerves.

Heroine was... naive. She'd divorced her husband - a professor - after discovering he was having an affair with a student. Considering that she MET him while she was a student... did she really think she was the first? Or last? Apparently.

I still find it...amusing that author refers to Boulder CO as a small town. Population of nearly 100k? Small? Right.