Kansas City Cowboy (Harlequin Intrigue Series #1367) - Julie Miller Hmmm... Well now. I don't know about most people but when I think of a police psychologist, I tend to think of Riggs' nemesis in the Lethal Weapon series. Yeah. The H - a cop - is informed that his sister was the latest victim of a serial rapist, and she was killed.

So our H seems to have this...difficulty... I guess... in recognizing that he's well, pushing his luck. The poor h is tired and he wants to ask her more questions, pick her brain, etc. I dunno. I have a family and am surrounded. I still need my time alone. He seemed to have difficulty grasping that concept. Yep; this guy and me would get along so splendidly. "Leave me the hell alone before I rip off your head and spit down your neck!!"

You know, many authors of late want to do this story arc over a series of books. I can see why as things are rarely wrapped up in a day or three. On the other hand, after a long running series has had several back to back issues... Yeah; it gets kinda old. And in this series' case, they finally solved the issue with the serial killer only to have a serial rapist show up. ==muses thoughtfully. It's nice when a story is completely self-contained - no on-going issues carried over from previous books.