Stygian's Honor - Lora Leigh ::sigh.. SOS - Same Old Shit.

I found it amusing when, 3 chapters in, we're assured that Breed males do not stalk, harass, or...something else which I've blanked out, their prospective mates. yeaaah....

So our H, in typical fashion, spotted his prospective mate some months past and began spying on her (stalking). Eventually, his attention attracted the bad guys' attention, thus providing an excuse to lock her in a room with him so she couldn't escape his harassing her. By the time her eyes were crossed in frustrated annoyance and she was obviously affected by the (so far unadmitted) airborne side of breed heat, he finally kissed her, thus sealing her fate. And of course, after the real breed heat has begun, confirming what she'd already suspected (and accused him of), he demands to know why she kissed him.

Head==>desk. Repeat.

So then some convoluted attempt by Jonas to get her to admit that she's who they think she is (well, she is, but she doesn't know it, so how is she supposed to admit it?), interspersed with sex scenes where we're treated in infinite detail to how exactly every sweat gland in her snatch goes into overtime, how every capillary in said snatch fills with blood, swelling every sweaty, lubed nook and cranny, and causing all the nerve endings to ache and hurt and... how she is a virgin, yet is having wild jungle sex her first time (hymen half-way up the hallway of course). In all seriousness, I'd think the wild jungle sex would cause enough damage during her deflowering to put the kebosh on round 2 - less than an hour later (!)


In Stygian's favor, he did consider her feelings on a lot of things, but I was really turned off by his internal thoughts of attacking her if she didn't pay attention to him (she'd essentially shut down, jackass. Maybe flowers and chocolate, lots of chocolate. Why do... Are these men absolute morons???)

So tell me why I read this again? Sure wasn't the long wordy sex scenes - I skimmed those. And pushy inconsiderate H's just make me want to kill someone. Glutton for punishment maybe?