Redeeming Zorus - Laurann Dohner Oh how the mighty doth fall... Zorus - asshat extraordinaire - when last seen, was having his unconscious ass crowded in an escape pod built for 1 - with another cyborg. Too close. Way too close. So now he's on Earth, and about to become a collection of slides, only our h's asshat loser brother has gotten himself in deep shit and expects her to bail him out - by helping Zorus escape. Yeah. So she does, because she's a good hacker, and scares the crap out of Zorus with her somewhat (ok, very) hairbrained escape route. HM Murdoch has nothing on this chick. Nothing was said about the state of his underwear afterward. Her attempts to make sure he escaped safely even at high personal cost must have messed with his mind we know he's all possessive and not about to let anyone else lay a finger (much less a pecker) on her.

Of course the hot sex was a given. And her being paranoid that he regretted it (well, why not? It's no secret that he's not exactly a fan of the human race). Complication - his dislike of humans has rubbed off on his son, who now is v. concerned in a violent sort of way that she's controlling him. You know... I hope his son gets a future book. I'd also like, just once, to see a cyborg FEmale get a HEA, though how on earth that'll happen is beyond me.