The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien Reread. Watched the (first) movie a couple of times and felt compelled to see the changes. Hmmm... I may get stoned but frankly, I like PJ's characterizations of the Dwarves better. They had brains enough not to blunder into the trolls and... they weren't cowering in terror at the feet of the Goblin King (yeah; I realize Jareth is soooo scary. LOL!)

I wasn't happy to be reminded of what happens to 3 of the dwarves, not when I now have faces attached to their names. And... as I said, the dwarves' spines seem called into question. I thought that odd in retrospect - how do a group of dwarves go from battle ready to sniveling in fear? Especially since in LOTR, Gimli never showed said loss of courage. Another thing - Bilbo's obsessing over home and hearth was wearing.

I dunno... I read this the first time after finishing up LOTR and found it entertaining. I read it now after seeing the first installment in it and find it...inconsistent. So while I may reread it again, if only to compare it with what ELSE gets changed in the movie, I'm not sure it'll ever resonate with me as much as LOTR.