A Tale of Two Vampires - Katie MacAlister Ok, first off, I took time out to do a reread of The Hobbit, which took forever this time (possibly because suddenly I was acutely aware at how unlikable most of the cast really was - the dwarves' constant grumbling got on my nerves and being beaten over the head about Bilbo's homesickness made ME wish he was home just so he'd stop whining.)


Moving on.

Katie MacAlister is somewhat hit or miss with me. When she's good, she's really good but, being a humor author, sometimes her humor goes past funny straight to stupid. So I approached with trepidation. I hoped, sincerely, that the book lived up to the cover. Thankfully, it did.

Our h is, unknown to herself, a time weaver. Usually, the unknown to herself bit is where I inwardly groan because I just know the rest of the para community is going to yell at her for messing up and threaten to off her - usually without so much as offering a bit of instruction. Fortunately, that isn't the case here. So somehow, she manages to send herself back in time without meaning to, where she meets our H - Ben and Imogene's daddy. Much adventure occurs - since he's a Dark One, he's not too terribly surprised at the notion of a time traveler. Eventually, they find their way back to modern times where much parental bonding occurs (apparently there was a falling out in the past), and go back.

So how was the story? Well, it was funny. Many of the side characters were absurd, the h's experience in the past was hilarious, the attraction between her and the H were so over the top as to be laughable. The downside? Well, here we have a woman assuring the H that nobody ever scores on her until she's known them a while, all the while she's climbing him like he's a tree. Frankly, her constant denial that she's interested/going to succumb/whatever got annoying, particularly since she jumped him several times. There are times when attempts to draw out chemistry aren't a good idea - like when it's clear that the h is the aggressor yet is saying she does not do this and therefore there will be no____. Yeah; I realize it was for comic relief but it rather fell flat since I rolled my eyes and skimmed from her first denial until after her assurance that this wasn't going to happen. Uh...it just did, doofus.

The H...was great. A nerd, who constantly carried a journal around to make notes for further research. The h's speech had him filling in a lot of pages. He handled time travel a lot better than the h did.