The Undead in My Bed - Molly Harper, Jessica Sims, Katie MacAlister I would rate this a pretty solid 3. There are no duds; just a couple I do not feel inclined to follow (assuming they're part of a series, that is).

Shades of Grey - ok, aside from the rather blatant title, this had little to do with the popular fanfic. Noelle, who has been floating around like a lost puppy in the Dark One world finally finds her mate. Everyone breathe a sigh of relief. Humor is relatively restrained (no scenes so ridiculous as to induce face palming)

Undead sublet - workaholic chef h on forced sabbatical finds herself renting a house with a vampire in the basement. There were some v. entertaining parts - like the war between h/H.

Out with a Fang - h forced by father to break off with human 4 years ago. She's never moved on, and he's become a vampire. I suppose it was inevitable that he would have to turn her (though I couldn't help but wonder if she cared about him so much, why she didn't disappear with him 4 years before, have a coming out discussion, and turn him (she's a shifter). It was the shortest of the stories, and perhaps that is why it had such a...dissatisfying ending.