For the Love of a Goblin Warrior (Shadowlands) - Shona Husk Alright, this is an interesting pairing - the H is a reformed goblin, the h was orphaned by goblins. Yeahhhhh... So when we last saw Meryn - at the end of the previous book - he was like... a wild animal... sortof. He spoke 2 languages - Latin and his native DeClangese (or however you spell it). Needless to say, 21st century Australia was a mite confusing.

So the h, in response to her mother's disappearance and her father's subsequent imprisonment for murder (because how do you explain that you didn't do it; goblins did?), has essentially built walls around her. This largely keeps this from being a 5 star read, because I dislike the whole "somebody did something bad to me a million years ago, therefore nobody is trustworthy" mentality. Get over yourself already.

She does at least finally contact her father (now out of prison).

Eventually she sees something and confronts the H about his past, then proceeds to storm off (run away, as he put it).

The H, in the meantime, is learning to cope with the modern world, and how much time he lost as a goblin - he succumbed to the curse immediately you see; the other two fought it. Plus falling for her and dealing with her going off the deep end at him when she found out. i wanted to hug him - and slap her for being a dense idiot.