Defiant - Pamela Clare DNF. Yeah that's right; I DNFed a book by the esteemable Pamela Clare. Look - at this point, I've read everything by her but a few novellas and the rest of this book. i *knew* I'm not fond of her writing. I *knew* this. Why I bought the book new is beyond me.

I made it 30% or so in. There was the whole "pluck her bald" bit for gratuitous titillation. There was the old lady sitting in on the H/h to make sure he actually inserted tab A into slot B. That was...irritating enough (what's with the author's fascination with the thoughts of NAs using sexual torture anyway?). Then there's the ubiquitous pages and pages of Lord whatsisface acting as the official cock blocker for the H - I say ubiquitous because that seems to be his only purpose in these books. Eventually, one assumes, he figures out the couple genuinely care about each other and has a change of heart. Etc, etc. See - predictable.

So no; I was coming up to pages of the H/h hiding out while he forgot to give her dogs bane to keep her from getting knocked up, followed by Lord whatsisface's keeping them apart by any means necessary just short of the H's death, etc. And I found myself preferring to clean house. Time for something else.