Taunting Krell - Laurann Dohner Whew. I have now caught up on this series - on to the next one. ;D

So Krell, like most of the cyborgs, has issues. He's scarred and convinced of his lack of attractiveness. Our h - Cyan (uh...isn't that the color of one of my ink jet cartridges?) - is a human mind in a cyborg body. Uh HUH. She was instrumental in the cyborgs' escape, the daughter of their creator, and not in good shape at the time. Fortunately for her, daddy had a spare body created just for her. And somehow, nobody has recognized her when she's reinvented herself every 15 years or so.

Hoo boy. So she's caught, and assigned to him as both a mate and errr...captive? Because they don't really know what to make of her. She ain't exactly human, but she's not one of them. She's cool with this, though she's unaware of the "mate" status. He's unhappy because he's a) antisocial and b) convinced of his ugliness.

Let the games begin.

In the end, he decides he can't live without her and is even prepared to kidnap her, steal a shuttle, and disappear.

The one thing about these books... while I can accept that the human women, as captives, may have no choice (or at least feel they have no choice), and I can accept that a given woman may just decide "why not?", I still have issues with the notion of going from introduction, to sex, to "can't live without him/her" in a matter of days. At least, when there's some form of mating bond, you understand that connection, but in this case, there isn't - it's purely emotional.