Aiden's Charity - Lora Leigh There exist, on several romance readers' forums, threads titled "words to cringe by". This book is one whole word to cringe by.

Lessee... am unable to suspend disbelief in regard to h and her...well, her thoughts are pretty much like every other LL h - all centered around her genitals. Therein lies the problem. We're to believe that an overly analytical biologist (she was analyzing her body's reactions for goodness sake) would think in terms of p_____ and c___ in regards to her genitalia. Or, when observing the H, c___. Nope; just cannot believe a person who spends all her time pondering what's happening to her ovaries is going to think of her parts by anything other than clinical names.

Then there's the sequence of book releases. I really hate it when authors release (or write) books out of sequence. Technically, Coyote's Mate follows immediately after this one. And yet... the characters from Elizabeth's Wolf, while not even KNOWN about in this one, were in Coyote's Mate (rubs bridge of nose).

Odd that the time frame of this book seemed less than a week yet, she's near death at the beginning and pretty much healed at the end.

If I ever see the word "anus" again, it'll be too soon (and was odd in light of the crude slang with regards to every OTHER body part).