Tinker - Wen Spencer Ah...ok, in all honesty, when I started this book, I was soo not in the mood for a fantasy. So I put it aside with all intention of returning to it. And now I have. It's v. entertaining. The romance aspect of it is important, but not the main focus, so the fact that our H did the boneheaded thing of marrying her without her knowledge...I mostly ignored. Of course, he did apologize, and well, that was rather minor considering he turned her into an elf without telling her. Yeah; he apologized for that too. HIs excuse for both was that he wanted to protect her. For sure, his transforming her did make her a lot more resilient.

See, one of the reasons this whole tricking into marriage is such a trigger for me is in Romancelandia, the asshat doesn't apologize. He might explain, but it's always on the h to just...go with the flow. So our H did the trickery, and then, without exactly telling her what he was doing, turned her into an elf. He then vanished, so she finds out from others (including a wannabe boyfriend). Ooops. She gets summoned to his home to meet mother and...she has a meltdown. He apologized at that point. Good.

And then we're back to way too much excitement.

Tinker is dangerously close to being a mary sue, but in an entertaining sort of way. And she isn't perfect - the colossal screw-up at the end bears witness. Next book should be interesting.