Tangle of Need - Nalini Singh After picking the book up, staring at the creepy guy looking out the window at the Chicken Ranch (looks like lace curtains at a ho house)... I shuddered and opened the pages.

Okie day. So I've never quite accepted the "there can be only one" mate thing because well, that wouldn't be conducive to the survival of the species. And the H, having met a human female who was his mate, but who was already married... Yeah. Ok. So the h, introduced in a previous book in a lopsided relationship, having escaped said relationship, is all wounded and touchy. The H, denied his mate, is all wounded and touchy, and they lash out at each other a bit, decide to do a FWB thing, etc. And the almost-mate comes back in the area, the h panics and backs off, the H pursues, etc. At least there are no NDEs here.

The side story is still more interesting. Kaleb has found her, whoever her is.

Vasic...I want to give him a hug.