Wildcat - Cheryl Brooks More of a 3.76 but close enough.

Ok, some thoughts.

1 - While the h's reaction to contact w/males was fairly realistic, the about face after just a few days in the H's company wasn't. Even a Zetithian's joy juice isn't going to overcome conditioned response that ingrained. That this is a common issue with romances featuring rape victim heroines only slightly clouds the issue.

2 - After she passed the rival's fields and noted their neglect, why didn't she wonder about him a bit more?

3 - I disliked the h's giving so much thought to the H's fortune. It made her seem more like a gold digger and less like a heroine.

4 - I'd believe the cabbage rose would still be available 500 years from now - it's already been around a century or two, but Don Juan and Joseph's Coat? Em...yeah.

5 - The horses were interesting but I always raise an eyebrow at breeders who "branch out". Also, no mention was ever made as to what breed the rival had. We're left to assume he raised andalusians. Further, if he were having financial difficulty, maybe the h's choice of employment was not a good one. And maybe she should have, since this was a farming community, had Percherons or something.

Lot of nitpicky logical stuff.

The sex was...about what one would expect from a Zetithian former rent boy and his h. At least with these guys, when they find The One, there's no possibility whatsoever of them straying. Heh; two of the three owners of the Zetithian house of ill repute have retired and found love. The other does not want to. Here's hoping he falls...hard.