Kiss of Surrender - Sandra Hill Alright... this, the second installment in Ms Hill's Viking Vampire Angels series is a more...cohesive book than the first one, in part because the world is now established.

So our H, a somewhat lazy, apathetic sort, is assigned the SEALS. Yeah; he'd love to ring out but Archangel Michael won't let him. To add to his "fun", the h is suspicious of him and is all but stalking him. It's actually pretty entertaining, particularly when he tells her he's gay to distract her from trying to figure him out. Yeah. Right. Uh Huh. She doesn't really believe it either.

It was nice to see the old gang from her Viking Navy SEALS series, although I would have liked to know how JAM fell into such a funk.

Minor editing issue - Trond was referred to as Zeb - a completely different character - for a couple of paragraphs.