Kiss of Temptation - Sandra Hill There was a point where I thought maybe the book was too short; there wasn't much left of it, some things with the H/h needed wrapped up, and we has no idea what the bad guy's reaction was to the latest development. I'm still not convinced that it couldn't have used another 50 pages but everything did get wrapped up.

So ok, the H, guilty of lust (eh...he was a manho) is stuck in the position of prison chaplain. No females in sight. He's been celibate for a century (not sure how), and he meets the h. In the midst of stopping half the prison from becoming lucipires, helping to free the h's brother, etc., he falls. Hard. Oh, it was funny. From the beginning, he was like, "you're my soulmate" said with much disgust (remember, he's a player). And even though he is frankly terrified about this thought (is she or isn't she? Or is she just temptation to lead him astray?), he's exceedingly overprotective.

Eventually, nookie ensues followed by the discovery that Mike forgot to render him sterile when he was created. Ooops. Since he was under the impression that he WAS sterile, this little discovery was met with a good deal of suspicion.

So why did I think it was too short? Well, less than 100 pages from the end, he doesn't know about this little surprise, we still haven't heard from the bad guy, and then there's the whole HEA. And of the three things, a good deal of page time was devoted to the surprise and the necessary groveling to get to the HEA (necessary because women generally react badly to being accused of trying to pass someone else's baby off as the hero's) So while everything everything was wrapped up, maybe a few pages of the bad guy's reaction to the failure of his latest scheme would have been nice, among other things.

I did find it interesting that the style of this one's writing is more in line with the rest of the Cajun series, whereas the previous book fit in well with the Viking Navy SEALS style. Not many authors can pull that off. It does bring to mind that the author doesn't really have any other modern day series she can plug a Vangel in. Hmmm... Guess she can have them run in to random characters from other standalones.