The Marriage Bargain - Jennifer Probst So what do you get when you take the basic HP formula of a marriage of convenience, add a quirky heroine with a spine and a sense of humor, and shake vigorously? This book, that's what.

I smirked when, after the H propositioned the h out of annoyance, she gave him every impression she was falling for it, then said, "No thank you." and went to her room - alone. That several such near-misses happened just rather added to that moment when he finally admitted to himself that he wanted *her* and pounced.

He was a bit messed up though, and further let dear old dad and his ex-girlfriend mess with his head. And while he did come to his senses after finding out what she'd done with the payoff, there was a sense of well, why should it really make any difference? And too, a zillionaire who didn't, oh I dunno, have a background check before going through with the MC in the first place seems odd. Yeah; he'd known her for a long time, but he hadn't seen her in a long time either. A lot could have happened.

Eh, was entertaining. Don't know that I'd reread it but...