Berrr's Vow - Laurann Dohner Meh. Once again, we see the native females both portrayed in a negative light, and forced out of their home by a human woman.

So the h is kidnapped by a related humanoid species from another planet and taken to Zorn to be sold as a sex slave. Only, the leader of the planet immediately banned the keeping of earthling females as slaves - marry them or else. Which would be fine except that the h latches on to him and he just happens to be already married. Uhhh... So eventually, the h confronts his wife and challenges her for the right to be married to him. Wins too. I'm just... the parts in between are problematic. First off, the h, after finding him in bed with all 6, yes; 6, of his house helpers, says she's not going to let him touch her. He then proceeds to tie her up. The helpers threaten her. He makes all sorts of promises he's not in position to keep, she then LETS him and... He's surprised that his house helpers attack her. So is she, for that matter.

Am puzzled at the paradox that is the female physician. Females have no rights, no freedom, so how is she a Dr?