Mercenary Abduction - Eve Langlais Am sorry that I now have no more purple aliens to look forward to. Dear author, please find more of this interesting race to write about.

So our H, in search of infamy (seriously) is interrupted while casing out his next heist. The interruption? His aunt sending him on a quest to find a human nanny. He stumbles across just what he's looking for at a slave auction although...the h is actually pulling a con. Mayhem ensues. With the aid of her honorary uncle - Murphy (yes; that murphy) they achieve fame. Then he has to deliver her to tend the brat. Somewhere around here, it hits him that he's fallen hard.

It pains me actually not to give this a 5. The only reason I don't really is because it is, essentially, humorous erotic romance. It's very good at what it is, but... Maybe I shouldn't let humor keep it from a higher rating. It's so subjective though and not everyone "gets" it.