Dark Embers - Tessa Adams Hmmm; where to start? Ok, let's start with the cover. Belt buckle is utterly stupid, hair looks...dumb. Such a wonderful impression you're leaving with me, Dylan.

Onward. The world building is v. interesting. The plot (yes; there is one) is a good one, something though...gets lost. I think maybe it's the fact that our H, who just hired the h to do research gets bent because she wants to go do the research instead of spending time in his bed. I get that it's more erotica here but there IS a HEA so there must be SOME semblance of a plot, and since there IS, then maybe the H should suck it up and quit posturing about her doing her job.

On to the sex scenes, which were long, drawn out, and featured him demonstrating his cunning lingual skills for what seems like hours on end. Ok, you know, I lost interest half an hour ago and that's starting to actually hurt. If you're not going to actually boink the chick, let her get dressed before you manage to raise a blister there.

And then there's her perplexing acceptance of him even when he acts like an ass, and even after he shifts, especially in light of her dreams.

Finally, how in the $#!!@ do you not know you're part dragon?! She has these memories that she...surpresses and dreams periodically where her stepfather is slashing her with his claws. She has scars on her back. So she's like really really surprised when she shifts to save Dylan. Or...he's really really surprised. SOMEbody was really really surprised. I was like I'm gonna have a heart attach and die of not surprised.