Bite Me, Your Grace - Brooklyn Ann I feel like I've been had. Everything about this book promised humor - the plot, the synopsis on the back, the first half of the book... Then the couple got married and... What?!

First she overhears the H and his second discussing the future - a future without her as it never occurred to the H that she'd want to Change. She's hurt by this, but then... she behaves completely out of character for the next several weeks and... he takes it at face value?! No confronting her? Just feeling used.

All of this magically goes away when... a hunter finds his resting place and tries to kill him. She attacks the hunter and saves the H, who realizes he's been an idiot (well d'oh, but so has she). A bit of last minute humor-laced intrigue, and there we are; the HEA.

The world built is interesting enough that I'd give the author another shot but, unless she manages to make the book more consistent...