Hidden Embers - Tessa Adams More of a 2.75 actually.

First off, I really did not relate to the h at all. And to be honest, I'm tired of the whole "I've had a horrible childhood" being used as an excuse to be a raging bitch (or asshat). There are a lot of people in this world with crappy childhoods and perfectly normal attitudes toward life.

As I said, I had issues with the h. She was more than willing to use the H for sex, but would turn on him and become a raging bitch at the very hint of his having feelings for her. He had no urge to beat on her (unlike her father) yet she gave him many reasons to. *I* wanted to beat on her. Actually, I wanted to bitch-slap her into next week. The H had watched his brother die to a nasty virus less than 36 hours before they met. And even though he, in a low moment, told her as much, she was still a bitch.

Beyond that, I kept wondering WHY the culprit was even in the elite group meeting since she wasn't a sentinel or whatever they were. And apparently being in this group wasn't good enough for her; she wanted to be queen, so she was giving people custom versions of the virus to kill them off. And then there was the question of, if they knew it was manmade and suspected it was being injected, why didn't they start looking to see what the victims had in common? Yeah; a big d'oh.

Finally, there were continuity errors, such as... the h has a flat tire, gets out the jack, starts pumping it up, decides she's in too much pain, calls AAA, gets in her car to wait. Later, some douchebags approach, try to convince her to get out of the car for nefarious reasons, so she tries to run them over with her car. Yet later, in a parking lot (in the process of leaving the H because she's "scared of getting involved"), she's able to change her tire. With what? She apparently ran over her jack (which should have done major damage to the undercarriage of her car). In another scene, the H removes his clothes, yet a couple of pages later she unzips him. Not a different scene mind you.

Eh, while I'll read the next in the series, no way am I paying $14 for it. Maybe if I find it on the bargain table...