Vampires Gone Wild (Supernatural Underground) -  Amanda Arista,  Kim Falconer,  Pamela Palmer, Kerrelyn Sparks Huh. Well, I admit to not really seeing it on the Sparks tale. Seemed a bit...out of the blue I guess. Two characters I barely remember suddenly getting together, and the H confessing he's loved her for *2* centuries. Uh....

The Pamela Palmer entry was interesting; just not sure about that non-ending. And it looks like to find out what happens means committing to a multi-book series about a h who may or may not end up being part of a couple. IOW, it has UF written all over it, not my favorite.

The third one was interesting as well. It too looks like it's a side note in a UF series.

Last one was...v. interesting. Can't say that I've seen vampire/merfolk before. Not sure if there is a series connection at this point.