Woman on the Run - Lisa Marie Rice More like a 3.5. You know... at the beginning, I didn't hold much hope for this book. The h had all the signs of being too stupid to live. She's a witness to a mob hit, is being given a new ID in the witless protection program (spelling intentional), and she's arguing with the guy. Fortunately, after she gets settled in, she doesn't argue - much.

There were other things though... Our h seemed to have zero survival instincts (I don't count cowering in terror a survival instinct.) After the H found out, there was that one scene where she wandered across the street to a diner alone. He yelled at her, but she was in the front of store alone - a store with lots of windows. Emm... not sure she was that safe staying put.

And the horses... so he breeds TBs and...Arabians? Goes to Lexington for 6 month old colts to break. Say whaaa? Is he a breeder or trainer here? And the JC doesn't allow outcrosses. I wasn't sure whether to be grateful or to want more info with what he was doing. I was afraid I'd be banging my head.