Heart of Atlantis - Alyssa Day Hmmmm... So we finally have Alaric's book. I confess, I've spent the entire series picturing him as the priest in Road to El Dorado. I'm still not convinced he looks otherwise.

So everything is coming to a head. All the gems have been recovered save one, and it has now been found. A new bad guy has surfaced from some where, and Alaric is pressed between duty and want.

Alaric and Quinn...become a couple ('bout time). He's as...over the top as earlier books promised. Once she accepts that they're inevitable, she's more than ok with it. What I didn't really understand is why it never occurred to her that he was teetering on insanity WITHOUT her, so maybe her caving would have left him stronger when he needed to be (instead of the rushed bonding and flitting off to save the world).

So issues... I'm not entirely sure about the ending of Anubisa. Seems to me that Poseidon should have been more involved there. The new bad guy...eh? And the loose ends of the remaining princesses in stasis (were they woken with the last book? They receive no further mention), oh, and Denal. He's dragged back from Summerland. He's also the only one of the Prince's circle now who is unmated.

This book is the last of the series. So the ends are forever loose. I guess the ends are minor but still...

On the other hand, cheers to an author who ends a series on schedule rather than dragging it out for all eternity.