The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie -  Jennifer Ashley My taking several days to finish this book had less to do with the book than something giving me a lovely allergy induced headache for a couple of days. Hard to read with the lights off and your head buried under a pillow. Anyway...

I didn't pay much attention to the book when it was first released, but then people started talking about it. A H with Aspergers? How does that work? See, my oldest son is autistic and knowing that Aspergers is in the autistic spectrum...yeah. By that time though, the author found herself strung out by a publisher, the book was OOP, and hard to find even used.

So reading it, I could see some things that I've seen before, although my son does look you in the eye (it's his perfectly normal sister who has trouble with eye contact). I was puzzled about the headaches - I really think that's a separate issue. The rages? From experience/observation, the rages seem to be in direct correlation to what the person is allowed to do - my son stopped raging at me the day he caught me too tired to think and I popped him back. He never showed aggression towards his dad, and sibling aggression only showed up briefly at puberty (at which point I forcefully demanded to know what he thought he was doing. He stopped)

It's I'm discovering while attempting to separate the characters from the writing. I've never really had that issue before, even with Feehan's story with an autistic h. So... with that thought in mind, I'll only say that the murder mystery side plot was largely unnecessary and served only to introduce the half brother who'd slipped under the rug. Well, that and nearly kill the h off, which I could have done without even if it did lead to Ian's revelation that he COULD love.