The Cursed - Alyssa Day This book came SOOO CLOSE to being 5 stars...

First, let me say that generally speaking, v. little irritates me more than an author who liberally borrows from fandoms. However... occasionally one manages to do so in a way that's entertaining. Ms Day manages pretty darned well to make a Harry Dresden type H without annoying me, likely because shortly after we meet him, he has a run-in with a Grendel who claws him pretty good, infecting him with Grendel poison, which leads to some pretty funny moments. There were other giggle-worthy moments too - like the off-page discussion about whether Quidditch would be more entertaining if the brooms were on fire.

I was all set to pass this book off to my daughter when... within 24 hours - at the halfway point or so page wise - the H/h are in the sack. Daughter has read romance. Daughter has also read Harry Potter and the Dresden Files. Daughter would be far more annoyed than I was at the time-frame between H/h getting together and nookie. I was a bit annoyed myself, truth to tell, because I was more interested in the story. I mean; I know it's a romance but couldn't they wait another...24 hours?

So not quite 5 stars, because the author made sure there was sex and did it well before I was ready. Also, because no further mention was made of the H getting clawed after the h bandaged him and gave him a potion to counteract the poison. No indication that he was a fast healer either.