Assumed Identity - Julie Miller Ok, more like a 3.5. There were moments that the h had me shaking my head. So she owned a florist shop right in the area the serial rapist targeted women. And... she worked late? Didn't have a trusted employee hang around? Even better, she never suspected that her books being off were because someone might be helping themselves to her inventory. Yeah; bit slow on the uptake there.

The H... I got. he didn't remember his name, or whether he was a good guy or not, so he tried to avoid drawing attention to himself. Darned knight in shining armor gene made it difficult.

So his past caught up with him, and she was targeted by her adopted daughter's birth mom and uncle. Woohoo; lots of enemies everywhere, although...why he didn't keep his weapons stash handy at all times...(so his past couldn't find it and use the toys therein against him). I like the fact that this one had random civilians as the H/h rather than yet another cop.