It's All Greek to Me - Katie MacAlister 3.5 stars. For what it is - a spoof of every HP cliche known to man, it's really good. However, the basic formula for an HP seems really drawn out when expanded to a 300 page book. And maybe the fact that it IS a spoof of a romance staple rather than the author's usual stuff also is a stumbling block - lot of people didn't much like it.

So what does it have...

Greek gazillionaire playboy? Check
Surprise pregnancy? check
H supposedly sterile and suspicious? Check
Ex making a show of trying to get H back? Check

'Course it also has a h who, when confronted with suspicion about the pregnancy insists on a paternity test (H decides it must be a miracle in the meantime because he can't picture her cheating on him). Oh, and the ex thinks the h is just what he needs. And there's lots of hilarity in the meantime, from exploded pillows to constantly mispronounced surname.

Would I read it again? Probably not, but then again, I wouldn't read most HPs again so...