Raine on Me - Laurann Dohner I mostly liked it so a solid 3 I guess.

Erotica I get - don't really care for it, but I get. Romance I get. Romantica - that weird blend of erotica and romance with the requisite HEA - sometimes I get, and sometimes I don't. I don't mind the kink, just don't think the H stalking, forcing the h into a relationship, refusing to take no for an answer, etc., really belongs in a contemporary romance. Maybe it's because of the v. real issues with stalkers, rapists, etc. Well, that and in some cases, sexual harassment. Makes suspension of belief difficult. And sometimes... there are other things that make me shake my head.

Our h goes to find our H for physical therapy. The synopsis on the back leads one to believe that she at least puts up some resistance. The synopsis lied. Half an hour after she meets Mr Tall, Dark, Handsome player, she's on her back with her legs in the air - literally. She manages to leave his motorhome. End of chapter 1. Beginning of chapter 2, we discover she's working under the table, her abusive ex has just gotten out of prison, and she needs to go into hiding. Disbelief falls flat on my lap. Say what?! She's been in an abusive relationship and just boinked a guy half an hour after meeting him? Errrr... It just keeps piling up there. though. She shows fear and yet lets the H use restraints - which he has no hesitation about using, I might add. What kind of man uses things like that on a woman he knows is scared? All the reassurance in the world is nothing but hot air in the face of bad experience. Lots of things like this happen though - he or his siblings do something to remind her of her past, they tell her it'll never happen again, and she's good to go. And the H practically keeps her prisoner.

Sounds like I hated it, doesn't it? Truth to tell, I'm not sure why I liked it. Maybe because I did like the characters even if I did feel like maybe the author should have left this sort of damaged h alone. Not the first time though that I've run into a romantica where the h had such a past and apparently suffered no ill effects like say PTSS. Maybe if authors can't deal properly with issues like this, they should leave it someone who can.