Time Untime - Sherrilyn Kenyon Much like the last DH book, this one was a decent enough book but the fit in the DH world was...awkward. Well, a bit less awkward than the previous book but still... I get the concept that these other pantheons exist but do we really have to have so much interaction with them?

So our H, as per the usual Kenyon standard, was unloved, abused, neglected, etc. I think perhaps the only one who wasn't was Kyrian but he was a doofus so... And as per the DH standard, the h has no parents. They come together, she attempts to connect, he has a hard time believing he deserves it, etc. etc. At least the end of the world battle wasn't quite as all encompassing as some have in the past.

I think perhaps the most jarring is the realization you have at the end of the book that maybe a couple of days have passed. But...you aren't sure.

There were some editing issues - a spelling error or two, but more distracting were the quotations - or lack thereof - around dialog, and in several cases, there was narrative that read like it should have been dialogue or an internal thought.