Sword of Darkness - Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kinley MacGregor 3.5 stars actually. As per usual for this author, the H has a phD in misery, and the h is an orphan. Because I tend to buy many of my books used, it took me a long time to find this one, during which, I've partially forgotten the second book which I have stashed around here somewhere.

So our H, convinced that nice people are stupid, can't quite figure out why the h persists in being nice to him. And so on and so forth. They boink, she gets pg right off the bat, and...at some point he decides he loves her and sacrifices himself for her while sending her to Avalon for safety.

So... the problem I have is more of an author thing - Ms Kenyon/MacGregor has difficulty writing heroes who aren't wallowing in self-pity (or is that self-flagellation). Many times, they're like Renfield from Van Helsing - do unto others before they do unto you. Oh, for the most part, they *try* to behave, not necessarily because it's the right thing, but because they feel bad about past misbehavior. At some point, you realize she's writing the same $%#@ characters; just placing them in different settings. At least, since this group can time travel, things like an arrow missing an artery aren't so anachronistic - not that there were any arteries mentioned; just Star Trek conventions or something.

Ok, what I did wonder about though was the purpose of the chapter with the stone, since I don't think that's the next book... will have to check though.