Wicked Edge - Nina Bangs Hmmm...it's been a while since I've read any from this series (mostly because the author had publisher issues so most everything was put on hold for a bit). But...I was under the impression that Edge was young. Apparently not. Apparently all the cosmic troublemakers are the same age.

So if I understand this correctly, there were opposites of each troublemaker created - opposites who were well, not prone to losing control. And... a fallen angel scooped them up. Still doesn't explain what the Big Boss known from here out as Bourne is. Then again, he wasn't inclined to explain either.

Something that puzzled me - what happened with the three original inhabitants of the CODD? And their spouses. No mention was made of them.

I must comment about the cover. Why do we have a petulant 15 year old representing our H?