Wolf Who Rules - Wen Spencer Ok. 3.5.

Thank you for that wonderful refresher course on The Wizard of Oz. I never liked the movie, found the book dumb, and could have done without it being used as a basis for Tinker's dreams. I got the feeling she wasn't impressed with it either. OTOH, it made for some amusing moments there.

Tinker, not being the most feminine of females, was largely oblivious to her cousin's buddy's crush on her. Actually, in retrospect, I find it odd that he would have had a crush on someone with so few feminine instincts, particularly since she was far more intelligent than him. In any case, he wasn't happy that she went with someone else in the first book, and he wasn't quite bright enough to realize that his refusal to back off was going to get him killed. This is kindof a sticking point for me - he was a friend, no matter that he was an obtuse idiot, and both his approaching her and well, whatever he was trying to do when she was under distress was not well thought out. So why is it that she blamed herself and (grimace) let his killer take liberties with her person before she'd even cleaned up? Tacky girl. I got that she was overwrought but dang if I'd wanted the guy around me, let alone...well, you know...after he'd just beheaded a family friend for attempting to help, no matter how misguided the attempt might have been. That the person in question was a bodyguard rather than her husband made it even worse.

See, the elves in this world have a ahhh...caste system. And the bodyguard caste usually has a spell on their person to control fertility. So the domana class have these bodyguards for obvious reasons and...their version of the gardener (or is it pool boy/upstairs maid). And this is perfectly normal. Their secondary purpose is a glorified vibrator/hand job. For when the spouse isn't available.

So. Being that while I'm somewhat tolerant of menage (somewhat, preferring m/f relationships), I'm not really v. tolerant of well, having a stable at one's disposal (or is that harem. Whatever).

And all this takes up maybe a chapter and while it doesn't ruin the book for me, does lower my opinion of the h and elf society in general.

But. This is a science-fiction/fantasy; not a romance, so we're supposed to rate the book on plot, etc. The plot was interesting actually. And I do have the latest entry on hand to see what happens next.