Drop Dead, Gorgeous! - MaryJanice Davidson Ok, 3.5 stars. You know those old James Bond movies? The ones where you snicker now at the thoughts of Her Majesty's Secret Service giving a crap about some organization cornering the market for monosodium glutamate (yes; that was actually a plot once)? Well, while the bad guy wasn't actually after MSG, she might as well have been. Actually, I'm not sure what nefarious scheme she was up to. Then again, like the MSG plot, it probably would have made little sense if it had been actually addressed.

So that's the loose plot interwoven around the H/h hooking up and eventually finding themselves in the surreal position of having the villain give herself up voluntarily because apparently she wanted to see her father (their boss!!). So ok, this is afterall, a MJD book so corny and silly is to be expected. That the H's father was the Clouseau of crime was pretty amusing too. So now I've read it, grinned a few times, snickered a few times and... Other than her squishing his testicle for dumping her 'for her own protection", there weren't any real laugh out loud moments. Oh, I can see that bit of violence will bother SOMEone. OTOH, at least she wasn't doing a Ms Havesham waiting for him to have pity on her.