Elfhome - Wen Spencer I'm not sure whether to be amused at things Tinker manages to get herself into or horrified at some of the things that lead her to get into well, whatever.

So her cousin stumbles across a stray young elf from the Stone clan, which leads to the discovery that someone in that clan was getting kids from a certain caste to break away and head for Pittsburg. There, they, being both children and Stone clan so "not my responsibility" to the Wind Clan train station employees, were sitting ducks for the Oni who had a "use" for persons with a certain trait. Uh Oh...

'Course, this leads to all hades breaking loose, and eventually Tinker experimenting with the possibility of being able to use Spell Stones from 3 clans - it was expected that she could with the Wind and likely Flame, but nobody considered that she might Stone as well. Oh wait; she figured that out near the end of Wolf Who Rules. Nobody else noticed though so maybe that's why they were surprised.

This discovery lead to her cousin being tested, her great-great-great-great....great-great-grandfather being contacted, showing up along with his BIL, and someone else earning pointy ears.

Funny that she referred to the mad elf as a mobile Howitzer when one considers how much she's managed to blow up - a hyperphase gate, a dreadnaught (and a dragon with the dreadnaught), a practice room, and the hotel she grew up in. Wonder what else she can blow up.