One Bite With A Stranger (The Others, Book 1) - Christine Warren more of a 3.5. The world building was interesting but some things bothered me a lot.

I don't like outside interference in my romance, be it matchmaking or attempts to protect a character from his/herself. And I really don't care for the way the h was bullied into doing a fantasy date. It's one thing when a h decides she wants to get laid and goes out on her own for that purpose. I might think she's a bit TSTL but if that's what she wants... in this case, her "friends" (and I use that term loosely) insisted she go to a club to get picked up by someone they'd chosen to act out her fantasies with. Can you see the problem with this? That under the circumstances she might put something down that she *really* didn't want just to get them off her back? Yeah.

So against all odds, she meets our H who (is not the hand selected stud chosen to whip her into shape) realizes she's his mate, uses a bit of vampire oomph to get her to take him home, figures out what she really wants (the bd without the sm), and...

So the next week features her "friends" (again, I use that term loosely) both butting into her blossoming relationship and coercing her into another fantasy (which he manages to subvert).

Ya know...I'm the sort who would drop friends like a rock for even attempting to intervene in my personal life, so I'm having difficulty with any of this. My only consolation is apparently in the next several books, her 4 friends get their lives worked over by the Others so... joke's on them.