Big Bad Wolf - Christine Warren More of a 3.5 BECAUSE... while we were only briefly introduced to the gang who do the whole fantasy date thing, the h in this case was particularly not suited to that sort of thing. Well, that and some issues related to this being a rewrite, which I'll get to later.

Our h, much to her dismay, is forced by her (unattached as yet) "friends" (still using that term loosely) to attend the newly married friend (last victim of their matchmaking scheme who lucked up and found a gem on her own) while wearing a dress she'd prefer not to be caught in, dead or alive. She hides, they spot her, she sprints for the door, and runs into our H (who'd been staring at her since he spotted her). He whisks her off and removes her from their reach so we never hear from them again outside of an answering machine. Works for me.

Alright, the issues alluded to come into play at just past the halfway point. The h goes home, gets attacked by a stooge of the H's cousin (dipshit with delusions of grandeur), gets rescued by neighbor, H arrives, takes her back to his home. This is monday. She wakes later, finds him in his office, his second (beta) tells him of the dipshit calling for a mate hunt on Thursday. It's still monday. And yet, several times, it's referred to as happening tonight. Later, at the hunt, the h makes comments about just finding out about it that day. But... the hunt was Thursday. Only thing I can think of is the original self-pub had it happening monday night (which would be odd since she didn't find out about it until 8:00 and all indications were it was late enough in the year that the moon should have been well up by then), and the revised version changed it without catching all the odd references.