She's No Faerie Princess (The Others, Book 10) - Christine Warren Hmmm well, other than the first half wanting me to bang my head against a hard surface due to those inconsistencies (which, oddly enough, only applied to the first half since the second half seemed to have been, if not rewritten, at least adjusted to correct things), 'twas pretty darned good.

The H seems to have lots of issues with the thought of being mated, leading to his being rude, among other things, to his new-found mate. It's like it never occurred to him that she could be. And then suddenly, he's miraculously ok with it. Wow. That abrupt change from staunch resistance to enthusiastic acceptance almost gave me whiplash. The h was a bit untrusting too - threatened his person if he stopped THIS time...

And yet again we have an evil overlord in training trying to take over SOMEthing, revisiting it being a deranged relative.

OTOH, Mac's mother's geis came true.