Wolf At the Door (The Others, #9) - Christine Warren Aright, so our H finds himself attracted to a scent that he has to stalk down only it's at an important meeting so people keep trying to distract him. He eventually chases it down, chases the owner of said scent around a bit and...is evaded. Only, it's temporary as the owner of the scent is at the meeting.

I like the book well enough, although somehow the incident of Queen Mab's nephew running through and harassing various people has been reduced to the Council insulting her nephew. Must be that whole "not publishing them in the order they were originally written" thing rearing its ugly head again. Details man; you never know when someone with an excessively good memory is going to read them back to back.

The plot... more evil overlords in training trying to cause problems. Could we manage 1 book without that? I mean; it's like the main theme of the series - who is going to try to take over the Others and control the humans THIS time?